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July 23rd
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[ding dong, ding dong]

Hello, sir and/or madam! Have you heard the good news?


dean and cas’ reactions when hearing each other’s voices.

July 22nd
8:24 PM

The Imitation Game(2014)


it’s 2014 why haven’t everyone accepted that some girls likes girls and some boys likes boys?

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Internet famous Avengers AU where

Tony is a Youtuber who is always doing some mechanic and chemical experiments, and Pepper is the one that’s seen at the end of the video with the line „guys he knocked himself out again, I’m afraid that’s all for today, I have to call an ambulance now“, and she also manages his account because of course Tony would forget videos don’t actually just upload themselves (he’s still working on that app)

Bruce has Instagram with pictures of nature and himself in various #yoga positions and runs an extremely successful Kickstarter with projects that are focused on helping people, saving rainforest and endangered animals

Fury has a twitter account @FuriousFury with millions of followers, but his tweets still get banned all the time because of swear words

Natasha is a fanfiction writer and she used to have an account on ff.net but now is on ao3. She writes under different aliases  (Black_Widow, Tsarina, OktobEr , Black_Pearl) and her stories go from ballet AUs to international espionage with OCs

Clint is on LJ and worships bows and arrows – he has posts about the history of archery, latest models (he writes his comments about every piece) and posts pictures of his bows and arrows (the ones he bought or made himself)

Steve and Bucky are mods on a history tumblr about real life experiences in WW2 and about life in general before and during the war, and are mutual followers with Falcon blog that is for soldiers and war veterans, run by Sam who tries to post stuff, but usually ends up answering tons of asks he gets – people sharing their stories and problems, all of them thanking him for his kind words, because he’s always thoughtful and has all numbers for help lines and keeps a list of centers where you can meet with others or get some therapy on his sidebar

Thor has a Vine account where he usually puts videos of himself and his friends volunteering in all kinds of events or catastrophes that happen, with an occasional video or two where they’re just having a good time and/or Thor keeps handing his hammer to unsuspecting people and smashing cups unintentionally. Lately he puts links under his posts to an astrophysics webpage run by his girlfriend Jane and her team, where an ordinary human can only understand the „You saw a falling star? Something is weird with the sky? Leave us a message and we’ll investigate! “ section underneath which is a Darcy’s selfie with Thor


Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how


don’t date anyone who doesn’t want to hear your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, read your favorite book

  • Gryffindor: Do what is right
  • Ravenclaw: Do what is wise
  • Hufflepuff: Do what is nice
  • Slytherin: Do what is necessary


Steve before and after Bucky fell

July 21st
8:01 PM


True Alpha Scott McCall

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The Greyback Effect

I will always wonder how that child would be…


The Greyback Effect

I will always wonder how that child would be…


Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell